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Iron will wide
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chasintheslam 22-Nov-20
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altitude sick 29-Nov-20
Anyone have issues with riser contact shooting iron will wides? My setup is an inch past my rest so wasn’t sure if I’d need to build new arrows that are past my riser to make them work . Thanks in advance

From: SIP
I just made sure the arrow was turned so broadhead wasnt straight towards either my riser or my shelf. I did cut my arrows a touch long for them but the broadhead is right at front edge of riser. Not sure it would touch anything if it were to be straight horizontal or vertical

My setup is an inch past my Hamskea rest on a Mathews VXR 31.5, Hoyt Rx1 Ultra, and Hoyt Axius Ultra and the Wides have clearance to the riser oriented both horizontally and vertically.

What is the cutting width of the S 125 Broadhead?

The s125 has a 1 1/16" main blade and a 3/4" bleeder for a total cut of 1.812". It's my go to head for out west big game.


altitude sick's embedded Photo
altitude sick's embedded Photo
Shot a doe last night using a 125 solid. 1960 Bear Kodiak. Contacted a fair amount of bone. Deer died in sight. Touched up the head and back in the quiver it went today. Deer number two in a month with that same head.

Congrats Jay!

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