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Another Happy Hunter
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DVS 23-Nov-20
Drahthaar 23-Nov-20
Shuteye 23-Nov-20
StickFlicker 23-Nov-20
Buffalo1 25-Nov-20
From: DVS

DVS's embedded Photo
DVS's embedded Photo
It is always great to get feedback from our hunters, after their visit with us. Especially after their trophies are all done and mounted on the wall. If that trophy could tell us it's story, from the hunting plains of South-Africa all the way to the trophy room in Colorado. Looking awesome Lance.

From: Drahthaar
Nice. Forrest

From: Shuteye
Dang, even got him all decorated for Christmas. Nice.

From: StickFlicker
That is a HUGE wildebeest!

From: Buffalo1
That is an awesome Wilde ! Congrats to some lucky hunter !!

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