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Anyone every use a angus bull as decoy?
Whitetail Deer
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From: JohnMC

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This is awesome!

From: greg simon
Wow, talk about fighting above his weight class!!!! But in the bull's defense, he could lose an eye to those antlers. I've seen those big old bulls get really mad and then they don't so much care about their eyes and then anyone or anything close had better watch its ass!!

From: paul@thefort
This buck must have had his brains in his pants. But then................................

From: Buckeye
just when ya think youve seen it all!

From: Whocares
When I was a lot younger......!

From: craigmcalvey
That is amazing. One of the spots I hunt is next to a large pasture that has shorthorn cattle in it. The does and fawns are terrified of the bulls. When they walk the fence the deer get agitated and at times run off. The cattle are out there year around so it’s not a new visual scaring them.

From: TrapperKayak
I once had a record book antelope evade me by hiding amongst a herd of herefords.

From: Grey Ghost
It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye put out....



From: drycreek
I once watched an angus and brahma bull tear down about 150’ of brand new five wire fence while fighting. I was about 15 at the time. Awesome and scary at the same time.

From: woodguy65
Might be different outcome if the bull had his horns.

From: jdee

jdee's embedded Photo
jdee's embedded Photo
I had some horses on a pasture this September and a bull elk gored a curious colt I had up there. Almost killed him. The vet said if it had gotten into his stomach he probably would have died from infection.

this was an escaped pet- central Illinois deer that was tranquilized-horns cut off-and put back in his pen! the bull is a puss-all's good

From: TEmbry
If that is a pen raised deer then that farm won’t be in business long. Most one year olds sport twice the head gear than that dude on all the farms I personally know. Do you know the owner or was that a guess?

From: BullBuster
That bull needs to regrow his balls. Horns or not.

I actually thought about this when i was glassing in Nebraska and watched angus cows just walk right past deer constantly, im going to try it next farmer will think im crazier than he already does....

From: BullBuster
I now recognize that bull. It’s Ferdinand!

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