Clavicle breaks for bow hunters!
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From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Man, I really need to calibrate my hobbies and maybe change my username. My YZF took it to me all year. Broken ribs, and both wrists in April. Saturday I ended my bow season with a broken clavicle. Took a handle bar to the chest after a 15’ fall off a table top.

Curious if any of you have broken a clavicle and how long was the recovery before shooting again. I impressed them with a unique break where it attaches to the sternum.

Doesn’t matter much since bow season will be over but I don’t want to be out of action too long.

From: Rickm
Jason, my son is 2 weeks out from breaking his playing hockey. His popped vertically and still had a small amount of bone hanging on. Ortho said 8 weeks ish to return to play if he doesn't do anything stupid. Yours looks a little worse than his did.

Good luck. Shouldn't bother your draw once it heals.

From: Dale06
Broke my clavicle many years ago. Almost was compound fracture. Surgery wired it back together. Sorry I don’t recall how long before I used my bow, but I bet it was a good three months. Ask your doc.

From: grossklw
That sucks Jason, that thing has been hard on you haha. If you don't have surgery it'll probably be 10ish weeks before you're shooting low poundage again, probably 3-4 months before you're back to your fighting weight for poundage. Doesn't look like the fracture is intra-articular which is good and will shorten the curve a bit; I've rehabbed a few, but honestly a lot of it is people just heal and feel better without a whole lot of PT intervention. You're just going to notice a ton of pressure at that SC joint, especially at full draw early on. Hurry up and do nothing for the next 6 weeks.

I ditched the dirt bike a few years ago. I couldn’t behave. I’m a little better on the road bikes. Cool image

From: Rancher
6 weeks to 2 months as I remember

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Harsh on the timing. That’s the price we pay to play I guess. Thanks!

Hey if anyone wants to try killing this 4x4 I was chasing, let me know...I’m not gonna get him now! Tracked him up the mountain to the public land!

Broke mine twice,, ktm high side slam, first time,, 2nd time. I thought i try a safer sport than motocross , so i became a downhill mountain bike racer... totally a bad move,, next brake was in 2 places.... but just before that 40 mph slam,i did crush thr Maryland downhill champ. 6 to 8 weeks each time....ahhh the fun. Good luck brother

From: c3
Dirt biker trash things I tell you :)

After a number of broken bones including an external fixator for one wrist, I'm perfectly happy to be pedaling around my e-bike after late season elk.

The old, knuckles down = full brain function, knuckles up = zero brain function and a permagrin has to end somewhere. At a year from 60 I'm just stepping away from all of that whole thing.

My Jr, just broke two metatarsal's in his hand and will require a few screws. Not wishing any of that on anyone. After having my oldest have to run the stick shift for me in the old f250 on the way to the hospital when he was 14, I realized I might need to tone it back just a little bit :)

Praying for a nice healing there YZF and I truly get it :)

Cheers, Pete

From: Surfbow
I sold my KTM two years ago after tearing another ligament in my knee, just don't have time to deal with the injuries and recovery anymore! I do miss riding though...

From: N8tureBoy
15' fall off a table top? That's one bigass table! Hope you feel better soon

From: APauls
It looks so fun, but I never started dirt biking, skateboarding or BMXing because as fun as it looked it looked even more like lost bow hunting time and hurts. All the best man, hope you heal well

Not a direct parallel, but that’s why I stopped playing competitive softball back in my early 30s. Playing 3 times a week not only added risks, but it also pushed into October sometimes.

Hope you heal quick!

From: Scooby-doo
Depends how bad ya want to hunt. You could hold bow with good arm and draw with a mouth tab, push-pull and you could be hunting in a few days. I once made a rig that attched to my rubber boot to hold the bow so I could hunt as I had no use of my left arm do to a bad injury. Missed a few deer that way. Got good enough in a few weeks that I could shoot lefty and killed a good buck left handed. Shawn

From: StickFlicker
Embry, I actually broke my collar bone in multiple places diving for a ball while playing competitive softball, so you made the right choice! One year to the day of breaking it, I shot a couple of rounds of sporting clays just to make sure it was healed and I'd have no problems putting pressure on it (no surgery, just let the bones fuse in the position they were in after breaking). Everything was fine. Obviously, I was able to shoot a bow again long before then and had no long term problems with doing so or in carrying a heavy backpack (which was a concern of mine as well). Good luck.

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