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Oryx hunt January 11-17
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JSW 25-Nov-20
VADanno 21-Jan-21
From: JSW
There will be another archery oryx hunt on the Armendaris Ranch January 11-17. $2500 which includes room and board and a place to hunt.

This is an unguided hunt but you will be shown around and there are blinds and cameras in place at the best spots. Water hole hunting can be good in January and you will have spot and stalk opportunities. You will be responsible for getting a tag from NMG&F, which is OTC for private land

You will have the opportunity to fill your tag with a rifle at the end of the hunt if you choose. PM me if you are serious about the hunt and I will respond as I have service. We are limiting the hunt to 4 hunters.

From: VADanno
How did the oryx hunt go? Share some waterhole camera pictures with us!

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