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Starting a Food Plot
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@JackJones17 25-Nov-20
t-roy 29-Nov-20
Catscratch 29-Nov-20
From: @JackJones17
I’ve never created a food plot before and was looking for some tips. I was wanting to about .5 an acre food plot and was going to use clover and oats? Would this be a good mix and if so how many pounds of each would be needed for a .5 acre food plot. Have a very small budget for this so trying to save money where possible. Thanks

From: t-roy
Jack....There are a bunch of threads already on here, that should help to answer a lot of your questions. Google “ Bowsite clover” and you will have tons of info to look over.

Short answer for the amount of seed would be: clover seed— I’d go with 6-7 lbs for a half acre. That’s a tad heavy, but seeding clover on the heavy side won’t hurt anything. Just costs a bit more. As far as oats, 50 lbs should be plenty for a half acre. Good luck! Lots of good information on here.

From: Catscratch
What t-roy said! I'll add that I would mix in some Winter Wheat and/or Winter Rye in with the oats. Of those 3 cereal grains Oats are the most difficult for me to germinate, the other 2 will grow on the floor mat of my truck if I spill some water on it.

Do you have farm equipment (tractor, disc, drill)? Or do you have more basic stuff (a hand crank spreader and a hand held sprayer)? Either situation is good, it just dictate the approach you can take.

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