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Sous Vide: the answwer to tough turkey
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Too many bows Bob 26-Nov-20
Drahthaar 26-Nov-20
walking buffalo 26-Nov-20
longbeard 26-Nov-20
paul@thefort 26-Nov-20
Matt 26-Nov-20
Dale06 26-Nov-20
APauls 26-Nov-20
Jaquomo 26-Nov-20
greg simon 27-Nov-20
Cornpone 27-Nov-20
Shuteye 27-Nov-20
Too many bows Bob 27-Nov-20
I was about ready to give up on hunting turkeys, except they are so much fun to hunt. But once the hunt was over, it was very hard to decide what to do with the meat. Every way we tried to cook it, it came out like an old tennis shoe. My wife, who is an excellent cook (being French) tried everything she could think of to get it tender and juicy, like domestic turkey. Then we found the Sous Vide. A Sous Vide is a cooking device that heats water to a specific temperature, in the case of turkey 140 degrees. You put the turkey in a zip lock bag and put it in the water for an hour or so. You can put your spices right in the bag and the meat comes out moist and juicy and most of all TENDER. It also works great with many other meats, vegetables and eggs. Our cost about $200 but it was sure worth it. TMBB

From: Drahthaar
The breast is never tuff they way I cook it. slice breast off bone, cut into 1/2" wide strips beat egg up and put meat in bowel cover in milk and egg let it sit in fridge a couple hours, take out put breeder on and fry. don't over cook. Forrest

Are you aging the meat before cooking?

Fowl and waterfowl benefit from aging just as big game, for the same reasons.

If you're not aging those turkeys, try it. You may learn that you can cook and enjoy them without the plastic bag.

From: longbeard
Breast meat is tender and delicious! The dark meat (legs and wings) on a wild turkey is much tougher than their farm raised cousins

From: paul@thefort
I placed our 14# wild turkey into a salt/sugar/spice/water brine for 18 hours. Baked it in a clay baker breast down. Best ever. Like Bob above, it is all about finding the best way for wild game. my best, Paul

From: Matt
"put meat in bowel"

If ever you publish a cook book....I am not buying it.

From: Dale06
Our son does Sous vide on lots of meats, works great

From: APauls
Pressure cooker also makes legs and thighs fall apart. Or Instant Pot

From: Jaquomo
Another vote for sous vide wild turkey...or any other meat

From: greg simon
Chick fila nugget recipe I got from Bowsite is a real winner at my house!

From: Cornpone
I have two different size crock pots which use for sous vide...I just plug them into a temperature controller and set the desired temperature. I've only done beef cuts (135 deg.) thus far but will try a couple turkey drumsticks tomorrow. I've got several vacuum sealed packages of wild turkey. From what I've read I should set my temperature controller for 160 deg. and leave them in 7 or 8 hours.

From: Shuteye
Crock pot does a good job on any meat. Or do what I did some time ago. My wife had the video camera running on a huge gobbler about 20 yards away. I shot a jake about 30 yards away. She did get a good video of the big gobbler going straight up in the air. I told her I was shooting something to eat. You can't eat the beard and the old gobbler was good breeding stock. I do the same thing deer hunting and let bucks walk by to get a nice fat doe. I guess I'm not a trophy hunter but would shoot a really big buck.

Shuteye, I'm with you. I always say that there are 2 kinds of deer. Bragging deer and eating deer. My trophy case is my freezer. TMBB

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