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I am not a sheep guy, but...
Wild Sheep
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cnelk 27-Nov-20
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DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
I got this free wildlife calendar when I bought my Thanksgiving turkey.

I am not a big sheep guy, but this didn't look right..

From: Bou'bound
Get what you pay for

From: t-roy
Obviously, they are in their winter plumage.

From: tobywon
Funny, maybe the Turkey was chicken too :)

From: Bowboy
That's why it was free!

Well, it's a nice picture nonetheless.

From: cnelk
At least the horns are big.

From: drycreek
Albinos guys, albinos !

Perhaps these northern sheep are like the weasel/ermine...... brown in summer, white in winter!

From: greg simon
They do have big horns and they are sheep. I’ve seen worse!

From: Jaquomo
The Denver Post had a photo of a bunch of ewes and lambs licking mag chloride off the road, and called them "mountain goats".

From: Treeline
I remember that one, Lou!

Actually tried, and failed, to convince some folks last week that the white “sheep” with long hair they were talking about were goats...

From: Heat
Same deal in my Daughters's Childrens Encyclopedia. They have a ram labeled as a bighorn up in the AK/Yukon area. I corrected them but my daughter was less than impressed, lol!

From: t-roy
20 years ago +, I saw a display in a Scheels or Cabelas somewhere, that had a full body mount of a Stone Sheep that was tagged as a Bighorn. I could see where it would be a bit easier to be confused between a BH and a Stone, than a BH and a Dall, but you’d think a sporting goods retailer than caters to hunters, would catch that right away.

Lots of innocent ignorance by non hunters, as to what’s what in the animal world. Just not in their wheelhouse, I guess. Unfortunately, lots of those same people end up funding, voting, etc. for different “so called” animal welfare causes or initiatives, usually totally from an emotional platform.

From: Waterfowler

Waterfowler's embedded Photo
Waterfowler's embedded Photo
Thats ok , I looked at the calendar from my local bank and was trying to figure out how they had 31 days in November. I guess my payments aren't due until Wednesday the first .

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