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Taylor HWY Question
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Mtn Htr16 29-Nov-20
John/Alaska 30-Nov-20
From: Mtn Htr16
Im beginning to research an area to hunt for 2021. We will be using a side-by-side to access the hunt areas. Hunter 13 a couple Years ago as a Non resident and didn’t have much luck. Wanted to see what your thoughts are for moose and/or caribou off Taylor HWY?

Thank you in advance

From: John/Alaska
The Taylor is usually a good place to go when the caribou are there they are there! and that is the key. The hunting area is big and is divided into three zones with zone 3 being the Taylor and zone 1 the Steese Hwy out of Fairbanks. A hunter can not have a moose tag for the Taylor and a caribou tag for that area at the same time. If he fills one he can go back to Tok and get the other species tag and go back to hunt it. This year you could take 2 caribou there. Regarding moose off the Taylor there are some. I must warn you the area has been "discovered" by outsiders and it is tough to hunt because of all the people. Also Doyon has lots of land there and is now regulating hunting on their lands.

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