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Idaho online NR Goat Rope
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DonVathome 01-Dec-20
smurph 01-Dec-20
Outdoordan 01-Dec-20
YZF-88 01-Dec-20
Buskill 01-Dec-20
BULELK1 02-Dec-20
Trial153 02-Dec-20
McCree 02-Dec-20
NoWiser 02-Dec-20
WapitiBob 02-Dec-20
Huntcell 02-Dec-20
YZF-88 02-Dec-20
NorCalVineyards 02-Dec-20
Mt. man 03-Dec-20
From: DonVathome
What happened?

From: smurph
That was a painfully experience

From: Outdoordan
2 friends that tried as well. One called me back just swearing up and down. What a stupid way of flooding a poorly made system. Very poorly planned.

From: YZF-88
I actually think last year at midnight it was less of a disaster. You have to try to make it this bad.

From: Buskill
I bought my license early, uploaded my payment info to aid in checkout speed, logged on a tad early to get in the queue.....bam! F’ed as usual with their $hitty system. Kicked me out and when I managed to log back on I was almost 9800 spots down. What a cluster.

+1 Jason

I like the midnight gig so much better.

Of course I worked Graveyard for 25 years!! haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Trial153
That totally sucked

From: McCree
I waited in virtual line, got in, got the tag I wanted but the system timed out processing the payment and removed my elk tag. Got back in, waited 2+ hours online and on hold via phone, got in and the zone was sold out. My 2 hunting buddies got their tags so it looks like I get to take a camera or stay home. Complete cluster in my opinion!

From: NoWiser
I wasn't a part of the mess, but I don't see any reason they shouldn't go to a random draw as it seems that is about what this amounted to. I guess then they couldn't claim to have "OTC" tags.

From: WapitiBob
I used to practice for a cpl weeks before the leftovers in Wyoming. Once those leftovers got popular and people got left behind they jammed the phone lines and now Wyoming leftovers are random draw with 2 weeks to apply. I suspect ID will be doing the same.

From: Huntcell
what's that about supply and demand = raise prices.

tag inflation.

From: YZF-88

YZF-88's embedded Photo
YZF-88's embedded Photo
Well hopefully a Bowsiter will get a crack at this 6x7. He’s in one of the sold out units and made through last year.

YZF - I’ll let you know when he catches the arrow rigamortous.

From: Mt. man
I saw it, as a lifetime Idahoan I know why they did what they did. It was a new system and not well ran. Hopefully the bugs get worked out. I do suspect the NR pool will be a random draw in the near future and this 1st come stuff is a thing of the past. Price wise Idaho is right in line with other western states now and hopefully the flood gates have been raised to that of other Elk states. Idaho has long been that option of a fall back for everyone and their dog who didn't draw the points states and it has over-run every unit. Idaho management with the wolves and horrible snowmageddon of a couple years ago has been atrocious and it's going to take 5-10 years to get mule deer back. In my area we had 1 year with 100% fawn mortality the bad snow year and 90% the next. 2 years with no fawns means many years of ZERO bucks. That sucks for me. I would hope some would understand something had to be done and I hope the system improves for all of you next time. I'd rather have 100 bowsiters come to Idaho than the bone heads who came this year and in my area shot 3 bull moose during ELK SEASON! Grrrrrrrrrr!

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