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From: mnhunter
Non resident of South Dakota researching info for deer hunting. Looking to do DIY public/walk in hunting. Trying to figure out if east or west river which would be better? Also looking at just applying for the state wide archery tag and being able to go whereever. I want to try and avoid hotels. So looking at places where its allowed to tent camp or bring a small camper and set up. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

From: LKH
SD had a very good public access booklet they used to put out. Check on it.

From: JayZ
No deer in South Dakota. EHD...all died.

From: Kodiak
If given the choice I'd go west river every time.

From: Windlaker_1
Decent deer population in the Black Hills area. Tons of public land.

I'm a NR that's been going there about 10 years. Had great hunting back then...been tapering off a bit the last few years.

From: 5575
Guess why...

From: Highlife
How bout saying? Just saying.

From: Firsty
SoDak is a very underrated deer state! Muleys and whiteys!!

From: Michael
South Dakota actually has an app you can download. In the app they have an interactive map showing all the public land in the state.

As things sit right now you can’t hunt public land till Oct 1st if you get your tag(s) in April.

I bought a soft topper just for hunting SD. I would park in an approach crawl in the back and go to sleep. No campground needed then.

From: mnhunter
Michael- How does the soft topper do for holding in the heat? Do you run a mr.buddy heater?

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