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Sept dates 2022
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From: WI Shedhead
Planning an Alaska trip out of kotzebue in September 2022. Three questions-

When do they normally shed thier velvet? When do the bulls start to get the white manes? I know the weather is fickle, but when normally can you expect the first surge of arctic weather?

Thanks for the help

From: Nick Muche
End of August

Late September

Only the lord knows. I've had blizzards in July on the north side of the Brooks Range. And sunshine and no snow in October.

From: WI Shedhead
We booked with ram aviation September 19-26. Cannot wait for this trip!!!!!

From: yooper89
It got pretty chilly where we hunted in late September this year. Single digits at night, highs of mid/high-20s during the day. Did not hunt Kotz though so probably not a whole lot of help.

From: huntinelk

huntinelk's embedded Photo
huntinelk's embedded Photo
Based on a grand total of 1 trip out of Kotz, week of Sept 15 2020 was very nice weather, cool but not cold. The following week got very cold, Curt Wells' hunt on Bownter TV started the day we left. The bulls were hard antlered when we arrived....again only one trip worth of experience from Kotz.

From: Mark S
nice bull and pic huntinelk!

From: WI Shedhead
They said it was unseasonably cold this year during that time frame. It hit 40 two days and 10 degrees two of the nights the rest of the nights were 20 degrees.

From: huntingdad
Based on my experiance, You never know what will happen. Our group was booked with Arctic Air this year. Our trip was cancelled two days before departure due to unprecidented weather in the area. Everyone was getting so far behind transporting hunters, all they could do was stop hunters until they caught up. We are rebooking for 2023. Hope you have a great hunt.

All you can do is book the trip and pray the weather does what you want it to :)

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