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August Caribou
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Tilzbow 10-Dec-20
pav 10-Dec-20
APauls 10-Dec-20
Nick Muche 10-Dec-20
t-roy 10-Dec-20
Chief 419 11-Dec-20
From: Tilzbow
We're putting together a hunt for 2022 or 2023. September would be preferred but that's not an option due to one of the guys profession; he's an outfitter and is too busy in September. I'll be bowhunting while the other guys will be rifle hunting. I've done a few caribou hunts and I'm fine with just having a good adventure and enjoying the company of friends who've never spent time in the far north.

Looking at Alaska since Canada doesn't seem to be an option because the only species available there now seems to be Mountain Caribou and that's too expensive.

All that said, my research thus far is pointing to the North Slope, due to the limitation created by August timing and the herds more recent migration pattern. But, the 40 mile herd might also be a possibility.

Looking for input on options for an August hunt.

Thanks all!!!

From: pav

pav's embedded Photo
pav's embedded Photo
Transporter for the 40 Mile herd can be very tough to come by if no member of your hunting party is a repeat customer. Situation in Canada made a tough situation worse IMO. The North Slope is a much safer bet getting a spot. I've flown with Brooks Range Aviation out of Bettles in the past. Excellent operation...first class people. You won't find a more beautiful true tundra experience than the North Slope.

From: APauls
CBGC aren’t an option in Nunavut?

From: Nick Muche
They are, for sure APauls, but travel to Canada certainly is not.

From: t-roy

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Greenland bull
t-roy's embedded Photo
Greenland bull
Greenland could also be another option, defendant on things opening back up. Greenland caribou are designated as CBGC.

From: Chief 419
My caribou countdown clock shows 263 days until I'll be back in Greenland. Damned Covid! I was supposed to go in September this year.

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