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Bou'bound 12-Dec-20
Dale06 12-Dec-20
Shrewski 12-Dec-20
AZ8 12-Dec-20
From: Bou'bound
Has anyone taken a look at these new binoculars yet or actually used them ?

$3,029 is a little pricey but looks pretty awesome based on reviews. Apparently even better than the ELs.

From: Dale06
I’ve got ELs, and they’re plenty good enough for me, especially at that price.

From: Shrewski
Yep. I just got back from helping on a Desert Sheep hunt in AZ and used my 12 NLs quite a bit. I had 10 ELs and they feel like a brick in your hand compared to the NLs. The view IS better but it is hard to quantify. Could be basically the same field of view as the old 10s but everything in it was closer and therefore “sharper”? I’m glad I upgraded but I’d never say the ELs are not perfectly capable. The ergonomics are amazing on the NL.

From: AZ8
there's a guy on a local forum selling his after just one hunt. no reason given. not impressed???? or maybe the steep price has given him a bit of buyer's

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