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Which Sig Sauer Rangefinder?
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Scoot 16-Dec-20
GhostBird 16-Dec-20
stringgunner 16-Dec-20
backcountrymuzzy 16-Dec-20
Bou'bound 16-Dec-20
TD 16-Dec-20
Tilzbow 16-Dec-20
Scoot 16-Dec-20
From: Scoot
I didn't want to derail the other thread, so I'll ask here... I'm looking at Sig Sauer for a new rangefinder. I only want a rangefinder (not built into binocs) and I only want it for bowhunting. I want it to have angle compensation and it needs to function at all distances (some don't work at under a certain distance, I believe; e.g., under 100 yards no angle compensation).

Lastly, a semi-related question- do any rangefinders have the ability to change the color of the readout? I'm colorblind and when it's somewhat bright out I have a heck of a time reading red numbers on a rangefinder.

From: GhostBird
Scott, I don't have any info on them, but there is a couple different models on Camofire right now.

From: stringgunner
Sportsmans Warehouse has the Sig 1800 w/BDX on sale right now for $239. I think it said regular price was $399.

I got a Sig Kilo 850 earlier this year and love it for bowhunting. Its a 4x as opposed to 6x which almost all rangefinders are and I hate 6x for bowhunting. Only downside is no illuminated reticle, which hasn't appeared to be a big deal so far. As for ones you can change the color, I've only seen red reticles on the illuminated ones that I was shopping around for

From: Bou'bound
kilo 2200

From: TD
The red displays are pretty much LED display and the black LCD. The LED has the clearer optics, better light transmission. Not a big deal in the store but at real low light it matters more. But also more expensive. Side by side you can see the difference, even with my eyes.

Going off of memory, I have an 1800 which I think is their lowest price point LED? I think they had 6X and 7X, prefer the 6X for bowhunting. It's a great rangefinder, which I replaced a Leopold with. It had a older red display that I liked a lot but died on me and non-repairable. They offered to replace it with it's "replacement model" for a really good price...... I should have paid more attention because the replacement was a lower end black LCD. Not nearly as good and in low light just could barely see it at all. Was not happy with the replacement. Disappointed I was.

Coach bailed me out fairly soon though by running it through the washing machine. Apparently waterproof is not the same as washerproof.... The new Sig is a MUCH better unit, very happy with it. Going to hold off on the washer test as long as possible......

If your a rifle guy, I believe it will also bluetooth link to a smartphone as well as a Sig smartscope for ballistics? Pretty techie stuff, but not much use to me, never tried it.

$239 is a killer price, I recall Coach paid around $400 last year after some shopping. What the Leopold cost completely slipped my mind.....

From: Tilzbow

I'm also color blind. The only LED range finders I can see in bright light are the SIG (I have the 2000) and the Leica. The red LED on Vortex and Leupold wash out completely on a bright sunny day. Between Leica and SIG (I owned both), the SIG is much better for bowhunting for 2 reasons. Its angle comp works under 100 yards and it gives fast and accurate angle comp readings. Some models of Leica angle comp only work past 100 yards and the angle comp is only displayed a second or two after the line of sight reading.

I can highly recommend the SIG 2000 for colorblind bowhunters who want an angle comp unit.

From: Scoot
Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the leads and info from you. I ordered one up and look forward to using it!

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