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Bino Harness = Bowhunter Vest
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JB44 20-Dec-20
KSflatlander 20-Dec-20
paul@thefort 20-Dec-20
t-roy 20-Dec-20
WI Shedhead 20-Dec-20
From: JB44
I have an old Primos bowhunter vest I use for elk hunting. If I need binos I add a Rick Young lightweight harness. The whole purpose of the vest is to tote essentials within easy consistent reach. Love the pockets but hate the extra layer and it's a hassle when layering up and down. Add a safety harness for whitetail season and it's even worse.

Do you think there is or will be soon a bino harness that has that amount of attached storage and is still workable for a bowhunter?

Alternatively, just build my binocs, range-finder, phone, windicator and calls into one compact device!

From: KSflatlander
Bino harnesses are a pain in the butt when layering up once you get to the stand. I think the new KUIU pro harness has added pockets for a rangefinder and other things. Have you looked at those?

From: paul@thefort
I agree with the comment that was made about large bio harness/chest packs. "sort of like strapping on a Volkswagen to your chest".

From: t-roy
Look into Alaska Guide Creation Bino harnesses. Probably one of them would fit the bill of what you’re looking for. Can’t remember the name of the model that I had, but I got rid of it because it was too bulky for my tastes.

From: WI Shedhead
The new Sitka mountain harness I think it’s called is really really nice. I had the kuiu and this one is a lot more functional. Worth a look

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