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Calling coyotes ?
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MF 21-Dec-20
BTM 21-Dec-20
Longshot 22-Dec-20
LINK 22-Dec-20
From: MF
Would you call coyotes in an area you would be deer hunting the following day? Also, there is 2 feet of snow from that noreaster. Does that change anything with calling yotes? Thanks in advance.

From: BTM
No. No.

From: Longshot
I would not call coyotes in an area I would be deer hunting even within a few days of wanting to hunt it if it was me. But I take deer hunting much more serious than yotes. Was in a coyote calling contest on Saturday and actually made sure I didn’t even call within a half mile of the spot that I am still deer hunting. Deer seem to really hate yotes around here. And gunshots prolly wouldn’t help either.

From: LINK
When I blow a distress call every whitetail within 1/2 mile is running away. So if that doesn’t bother you go ahead. I’ve seen muleys come to a distress several times. Snow shouldn’t affect your calling.

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