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bighorn 21-Dec-20
Bou'bound 22-Dec-20
HDE 22-Dec-20
Milhouse 22-Dec-20
bighorn 22-Dec-20
From: bighorn
How do Sig Rangefindings Binoculars compare to Leica, Vortex?

From: Bou'bound
Leica wins for Pure optics But I’m a unit like that you’re trying to serve two masters so that may be something to consider

From: HDE
You use range finding binos as a convenience for the shooter that has a tag-along that serves as a spotter on rifle hunts. Carrying weight is hardly much different than carrying the two separate and single hand operating a range finder only prior to your shot when alone.

From a range finding standpoint, Sig hands down wins (do some research and you'll see why). If you want heavier binos for glassing purposes because it can tell you how many thousands of yards a big buck is, then Leica are probably your best option, maybe...

Otherwise, get a good Sig range finder and the best glass for your eyes you can economically justify.

From: Milhouse
That ain't bad advice HDE.

From: bighorn
Thanks Fellas!

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