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Quiet Hang On Treestands
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PredatorFromAbove 24-Dec-20
Pat Lefemine 24-Dec-20
stringgunner 24-Dec-20
krieger 24-Dec-20
pa10point 24-Dec-20
Bret c. 24-Dec-20
Shawn 24-Dec-20
Thisismyhandle 24-Dec-20
fisherick 24-Dec-20
APauls 24-Dec-20
Trial153 24-Dec-20
Animal Killer 25-Dec-20
BowSniper 25-Dec-20
Lee 25-Dec-20
12yards 25-Dec-20
PredatorFromAbove 12-Jun-21
JL 12-Jun-21
Rgiesey 12-Jun-21
Curious to see what tree stands you are using for your whitetail hunts. I have been using Rivers Edge Bigfoots for years and looking to upgrade. Bigfoots are good but can be noisy in certain trees.

From: Pat Lefemine
I love the new summits either the backcountry hang ons from last year or the new featherweight switch from this year. Very quiet.

From: stringgunner

From: krieger
Family Traditions is the best, well made stand I've used. Made in USA, powder coated, welded, best I've found so far.

From: pa10point
Lone wolf

From: Bret c.
Screaming eagle!!!

From: Shawn
Chippewa Wedge Locs!! Hands down the whitest I have used! I have not tried the new ones as I own 4 of the older ones!! Shawn

Lone wolf assault. I use the ez hook. Makes hanging it a little easier and quieter.

From: fisherick
The ones you sit or stand still on.

From: APauls
Lone Wolf are good, but XOP is better. Lone wolf has a cast stand, but still have tubular seat post. XOP has a cast stand as well as seat post, so all structure is 100% cast. Quiet as they come.

From: Trial153
Wedge loks are excellent stands.

Lone Wolf and XOP are solid in this category for being silent and rock solid

From: BowSniper
Love milleniums

From: Lee
Lone Wolf with EZ Hook - hang and hunt almost every sit - deadly quiet.


From: 12yards
Agree with the LW system. I hunt with an Alpha and sticks and it is quiet if I'm careful with the stand buckles. The ex hang hook would be quieter for sure.

I use both the LW Alpha and XOP stands. I prefer the XOP sticks as they have slightly longer step pads. I put safety over a slight weight differential. Being 61 and with winter foot wear the longer steps feel safer. I tried Heliums this year. Really light, but will only use them with lighter foot wear as the steps seem to be the shortest of the three.


From: JL

JL's embedded Photo
JL's embedded Photo

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I've been getting these 3 or 4 so far. Neighbor got a couple also. We were getting real good deals on them at Amazon.

They have a unique, hitch to receiver way to hang in the tree. All aluminum and hold fat boys up to 350lbs.

From: Rgiesey
Been using lone wolf since Andre first made them. Agree with Adam and now buy xop. Just discovered a flaw in the XOP. Bears eat those great seats.

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