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Annihilator Broadheads
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Conner Parry 28-Dec-20
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Shaft2Long 01-Jan-21
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Wally 04-Jan-21
From: Conner Parry
I just bought a couple packs of 100gr heads. At first glance they seem miniature. They seem to be well built, with an interesting concept. They shot extremely accurate for me out to 60yds, which is only as far as I can get in my backyard. I know they have a bit of negative feedback due to their small cutting surface, and some think their design idea is a hoax. I am wondering if anybody has actually killed an animal with one? And has some real world experience with them? I really like their durability, and I really like the concept of a small compact head that has no moving parts, and then I can shoot, and then re-sharpened and put back in the quiver. I just finished a nice cold soda, and I thought I push the Broadhead through the can just to see what the Wound channel would potentially look like. Pic is honestly only for attention..

From: JTreeman
I use them exclusively when I hunt Diet Dr. Pepper.


From: petedrummond

petedrummond's embedded Photo
petedrummond's embedded Photo
Early medieval broadheads how much can they change?

From: Wally
I ordered 3 packs from them before my elk hunt. They were a lot smaller than I anticipated honestly. After checking more reviews they seem to have big issues were blood trails are concerned, as they apparently don't leave one very often. After reading that was even even acknowledged by one of the owners in a text chain someone had posted. I lost all confidence in them and stayed with my original heads.

The cut is listed at 0.91” for the standard and 1.0625” for the “XL”

I would say that is a small hole. I’m sure it flies great, durable and will kill if put in the right spot. If you need maximum penetration that may be a good option.

I have not tried them or know any who has. I have killed a number of animals with a 1.0625” hole with blood trails more dependent on where you hit.

From: stealthycat
broadheads in large part are meant to get the hunters to buy - not any more or less deadly than any other head

there are some junk heads, but for the most part any broadhead is going to work with a well placed shot

create a gimmic head - make $$$$$ .... that happens, a lot

From: Bowfreak
One of my friends shot a bear with one. He wasn't impressed.

From: joehunter
I would rather get bashed for shooting a 25 year old design Wasp Jak-Hammer 1 3/4 inch cut mechanical and watch about every thing I shoot fall with in sight than use one of the "new" tiny little sliver cut traditional heads. I never have to worry about a blood trail!

From: Shaft2Long
A friend of mine made what turned out to be a perfect shot on a cow elk this season with this Annihilator head. Left one minuscule drop of blood and elk had to be found the next morning with grid search. Only one shot, not a true means of testing what so ever but that was the knock on this head.

Got to agree with the Wasp Jackhammer head. Nastiest blood trail I've ever seen was from one of those heads.

From: GF
I always find it interesting that most “conventional” broadheads are very similar in dimensions.... You’d almost think that people had settled on something that offers about the right balance of cutting width & penetration to maximize the chances of recovery....

Crazy what 10,000 years of R&D can come up with....

From: PECO
They have a great webpage.

From: carcus
A good buddy shot his deer with these this year, it didn't go far, something about them he wasn't impressed with, cant remember what it was

From: Wally
I will add, I didn't think the customer service with Annihilator was that great either being a start up company.

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