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Kuiu chest bino holder
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Hunts_with_stick 30-Dec-20
Whitley09 30-Dec-20
MA-PAdeerslayer 30-Dec-20
Hunts_with_stick 30-Dec-20
orionsbrother 30-Dec-20
Shaft 30-Dec-20
I got this chest binocular holder for Christmas. Is it easy to shoot your bow with it on? Do you keep the covers on the binocular or do you not really need them when using this? Any other advice is appreciated.

Killed a buck Sunday while wearing mine. I shoot right handed and keep my rangefinder case on the right side of my bino pouch. No issues at all while shooting. I take my lens covers off while using my harness.

From: Whitley09
Hunt with mine all the time both from the ground or in the saddle no issues

I keep covers off while in case, wear it a tad low when i Know I’ll be sitting so it’s a little more out of the way. Never had a problem. Only time I bumped it was getting the gun up while walking cuz I was wearing it kind of high. But no issues on stand with bow or Gun!

Thanks all!

Doesn’t get in the way. Works great. Leave the covers off.

Just remember when putting your pack back on to put the sternum strap under the bino harness straps... not that I’ve ever done something stupid and fumbled with my binoculars when an animal appeared and I wanted to get a better look...

From: Shaft
I have the large size bino harness, and shooting with the harness on has not been a problem at all. In fact last year I shot a buck with my binoculars out of the harness and resting on top and it didn't bother my shot at all.

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