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Yardhoppers, Did I miss the thread
Small Game
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SlipShot 31-Dec-20
Bow Bullet 31-Dec-20
Jaquomo 31-Dec-20
BigOk 31-Dec-20
drycreek 31-Dec-20
From: SlipShot
Did I miss [email protected] yardhoppers threads?

From: Bow Bullet
He's in AZ chasing mule deer now. Would guess he goes after the hoppers after he gets back.

From: Jaquomo
Sure a bunch of them right now in the backyards he hunts! The lake across the street has the only open water in the area and those fat lazy bastids don't fly very far if they don't have to..

From: BigOk
Chase the wonder dog will get his chance.

From: drycreek
“fat lazy bastids”

The older I get, the more I resemble that remark.

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