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From: spike78
Meh Mathews ;)

From: SIP
Yeah, Get serious. :^)

I think the BowTech revolt is a better option but it's like baseball gloves. We need to find the one that fits us best

From: Skippy
I shoot that bow. I like it a lot, got it to replace a z7 extreme. Smooth draw, quite, solid back wall and fast enough for me.

From: rooster
It's a ice bow. I shot it pretty dead in the hand and only a little hump at the end of the draw cycle. Shoot'em all before settling on a new bow.

From: stringgunner
Had a VXR 31 for two months and sold it. I’ve only ever shot Matthew’s. This bow I could not for the life of me get to tune/shoot consistently. Changed grips, played with back bars, and nothing worked. The more I looked into it the more reviews I read that said similar things. Everyone’s experience will be different.

From: midwest
I have a VXR 31.5.

As long as I shoot and tune 110%, it's a great bow.

From: PECO
Have you got to shoot one yet? Why are you set on that bow? Because it is short? Just curious.

From: Trial153
Shot the 31inch version, isn't for me. Very stiff draw for its weight, ungainly and heavy in the hand.

From: Scooby-doo
I have shot mathews for 20 plus years. I shoot the Traverse right now and today I shot the VXR 28, it rolls over pretty hard. Not all that smooth on the draw. My Traverse is not super smooth either. I will say I drew a Prime bow today and it was wonderful. Wish I knew the model. I myself would passon the VXR. Shawn

From: carcus
I had the vxr 31.5, fast and quiet bow, very hard to draw, feels 10 pounds heavier than it is, no valley, hard to shoot accurately, something with the grip? I had the ambush green, finish was rubbing off unlike any other bow I've owned. And it went out of tune when I added a quiver, and I couldn't fix it without adding a back bar, the stock strings were terrible, but seem to make the bow quieter, I put good strings on it and it was a bit louder with more vibration. Overall I hated this bow, I have a PSE evo nxt 31 now, its night and day better and just as fast and less $$

From: LINK
Carcus where’d you get your pse? The prices I’m seeing online are $1099. Just ordered a V3 for $1050.

From: stringgunner
X2 carcus. Similar experience.

From: Chief 419
I have a VRX 28 and can't say enough good things about it. Smooth draw and when the shot goes off, there's almost zero recoil. It's quiet and easy to handle in ground blinds, tree stands, etc. I'll keep shooting my VRX for years to come. I shot all of the "top of the line" bows multiple times before buying the VRX. Shoot all of the new bows and buy what feels right.

From: Bowfreak
Nick with the new Bowsite Mantra! :) You forgot to add in if you control your target panic since it is mostly mental.

From: midwest
Geez, Mark, everyone knows that to get over TP, you just shoot more. Works 110% of the time!

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