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lighted/ bluetooth tracking nocks
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bigdog21 31-Dec-20
Franklin 01-Jan-21
Bob H in NH 01-Jan-21
elkster 02-Jan-21
Glunt@work 02-Jan-21
From: bigdog21
Has anyone tried them, made by Breadcrumb trackable technoligy. able to track arrow with your phone, litghed and sound nocks.. also personal tracking devices for on your person so your buddys can track you if needed.?

From: Franklin
Sounds like you are entering a sketchy area....prepare for incoming. There seems to be a downturn trend in using certain technology by game departments, this may be one of those. Tracking you is one is another.

From: Bob H in NH
Wouldn't help me the last few years as I just pulled the arrow out of the dirt before tracking

From: elkster
If I can track my nock with bluetooth, why not take 100 yard shots?

If I miss? No harm, no foul... I won't even lose my arrow.

If I hit?

From: Glunt@work
If guys want to stop the technology train you needed to hit the brakes way before now. I don't shoot arrows expensive enough to warrant a $120 locator nock but could be handy to toss in the pickup bed of the guy in town that has a secret spot where he always kills his bull. :^)

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