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Mjb 03-Jan-21
Highlife 03-Jan-21
Zbone 03-Jan-21
From: Mjb
Hello, long time Bowsiter, been absent for long time... have gone full circle on compound to traditional and back to compound. I still have my “Alpine” recurve made by chaparral archery. I believe it was a fellow in New Mexico. I was just curious if he is still making bows? Love this alpine and looking to maybe get another? I cant find anything on the www. Hope all are well. mjb

From: Highlife
I believe he stopped making them back in 07

From: Zbone

Zbone's embedded Photo
Zbone's embedded Photo
That's all I hunt with anymore is a Chaparral Kaibab, and own two, a one piece and a 2 piece bamboo/cedar custom take down... I think both are 62", the one photoed is the one piece... Think Bruce retired from crafting them a few years ago, don't remember the exact year but yeah, 2007 sounds about right...

Might wanta ask over on the LeatherWall...

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