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Quiver suggestion?
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Jasper 07-Jan-21
Nick Muche 07-Jan-21
goyt 08-Jan-21
Michael 08-Jan-21
GF 08-Jan-21
altitude sick 08-Jan-21
bigdog21 08-Jan-21
wyobullshooter 08-Jan-21
Charlie Rehor 08-Jan-21
Spiral Horn 08-Jan-21
WV Mountaineer 08-Jan-21
Kurt 08-Jan-21
KY EyeBow 08-Jan-21
Nebucks 08-Jan-21
rooster 08-Jan-21
stringgunner 08-Jan-21
bucman 08-Jan-21
t-roy 08-Jan-21
Matt 08-Jan-21
carcus 09-Jan-21
midwest 09-Jan-21
kota-man 09-Jan-21
Mike Ukrainetz 09-Jan-21
WV Mountaineer 09-Jan-21
From: Jasper
Going to Alaska on a caribou hunt in September. Looking for a quiver that’ll hold more than I carry for whitetail hunting (4). Suggestions?

From: Nick Muche
TightSpot in 5 or 7

Based on recommendations here I have the Tight Spot 5 and am very satisfied. GL on your hunt.

From: goyt
another recommendation for tightspot

From: Michael
It’s hard to beat a tightspot.

From: GF
I never cared for Bow-mounted quivers, so I’m a pretty big fan of the cat quiver. Just choose one that has the cargo capacity that you need. Or you can go with the CQI and use a couple of bungees to attach whatever it is that you think you’ll need.

Probably a minority opinion, but I’m OK with that…


altitude sick's embedded Photo
altitude sick's embedded Photo
Catquiver, Safarituff arrowmaster, And I’m having a RiverWolf Alpha in Timberwolf pattern. Being made now.

I just made another attempt this fall to like bow mounted quivers. Tried them in the 70s and 80s and didn’t like them. And it turns out in the 2020s I still don’t.

From: bigdog21

bigdog21's embedded Photo
bigdog21's embedded Photo
use you same Quiver, and I use my 32" fly Rod tub it will hold 4 are more in two compartment, safe from damage if somthing would happen to the others, it is straped to the side of my pack.. you can get them for 25.00.. there solid will not bend are break.


Tight Spot 5 or 7 arrow

From: Spiral Horn
I use a Tightspot when hunting from blinds or in heavy brush and a Cat Quiver for most spot & stalk adventures. Prefer shooting without the quiver attached - first time I used a Cat Quiver on a spot and stalk hunt I was hooked. The bow is always ready to shoot, the arrow is right there when I need it, and I’m not looking for my quiver after the shot.

I use a two piece bolt on quiver. Only downside is it only holds 5 arrows. If they ever make a 7 arrow two piece I’ll have it.

From: Kurt
5 arrow Tightspot. Mine is going on 9 yrs old, been on several different bows and holding up very well.

As per spare arrows, I just rubber band a few together and put 'em on the outside of the pack vertical under a couple of the straps. Carbons are tough. When I get packed in they reside under the vestibule. Broadheads are carried off the spare arrows obviously.

From: KY EyeBow
I'm like WV Mountaineer above, but mine holds 6 arrows. Never needed more than that, yet..............

From: Nebucks
Alpine Softlock

Mine holds 7. I like it a lot.

From: rooster
2X Alpine soft loc. I have been using the same one for 15 plus years. Still holds the arrows tightly and is very quiet. I also like that it has two sets of grippers and it accommodates my ram cat broadheads. Cost maybe half that of the tight spot.

From: stringgunner
I went with tight spot based off all the reviews here. Had for 3 seasons. My bow is significantly louder with the tight spot on. Spoken with them several times about it and no matter what I can’t get the quiver more silent. It rattles bad. Starting to look at other options.

From: bucman
Stringgunner, did you get the model with only two bolts where it attaches to the carbon rods? That one always seemed to make noise for me and they switched back to four bolts. I suggest a tight spot 5 arrow. I’ve used a bunch of different quivers but always come back to the tight spot for hunting. If it’s real windy I take the quiver off and strap it to my pack. Then it works kinda like a cat quiver I have. Tried the seven arrow and did not like it, just wish they made a 4 and 6 arrow quiver instead of 3,5 and 7.

From: t-roy
I’m not a fan of one piece quivers. If you’re shooting a Mathews, I love my 2 piece Mathews 6 arrow quiver. Absolutely no rattle in it.

From: Matt
Tightspot. I had a hunt busted in part by a Hoyt 2 piece quiver this past year.

From: carcus
tight spot

From: midwest
I was never a 1 pc. quiver fan until I got a TightSpot. Never had a problem with noise and I've owned 3 of them.

I went with the simple, lightweight 2 pc. Mathews Q-Lite on my VXR, tho. Very nice....very overpriced.

From: kota-man

I prefer the Option quiver over a Tight Spot. You can get the Option quiver to fit even closer to your bow, it curves inward. Plus it has the Option to put it on the front of your bow as a stabilizer. Works great for a long shot in low wind. I don’t have a regular stabilizer on the front. Love the no stabilizer for fighting through jungly brush. Still very accurate.

Does anyone know of a two piece universal bolt on that holds 7 arrows?

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