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Zoleo Satellite Communication Device?
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Rob in VT 08-Jan-21
Tony 09-Jan-21
DouglasMRafferty 09-Jan-21
Rob in VT 09-Jan-21
Sean D. 09-Jan-21
Wally 11-Jan-21
Cowdoc 11-Jan-21
Jeff 12-Jan-21
elkmtngear 12-Jan-21
Rob in VT 12-Jan-21
From: Rob in VT
Anyone have personal experience with the Zoleo satellite communication devise? It is a competitor of InReach. From what I have read it uses the same Iridium network, but the devise is less expensive and the monthly they packages are cheaper.

Thanks for any info . . . Rob

From: Tony
There are quite a few reviews of them on Amazon already. I use a somewear which is similar to the zoleo

Very interesting info! Perfect just what I was searching for!

From: Rob in VT
Yes I have read the reviews. Was hoping a Bowsiter might have first hand experience.

From: Sean D.
I have 2 buddies that have them while I have Inreach. I would say besides being cheaper they are also faster. They can be having convos back and forth with the wives back home while im waiting for a text to either go out or come in. mine might take 15 min to go through and theirs maybe 1-2 min

From: Wally
I'll stick to my in reach mini it's quick and reliable. I'm sure the Zoleo is fine. But I hunt back country solo so I want a solid proven company behind me if my life is on the line.

From: Cowdoc
I just used Zoleo for a three month extended road trip where I usually had no cell service. It worked great. I could text with my family as long as I had line of site with the sky.

From: Jeff
I have had 2 Inreach devices for several years now. I also purchased a ZOLEO about a year ago. They all work very well. I prefer to use them paired with my iPhone using the Earthmate Inreach app or for the ZOLEO the ZOLEO app. Like I said both work very well. However if I had one the choose it would be the ZOLEO. I find it simpler to use , your just snap it to your pack or belt. Leave it on or turn it on with the push of a button as you need it. both have excellent battery life. Keep in mind when pairing with your phone you now have 2 devices to keep charged. Your phone will be dead long before either of the others. If I had to do it over I would just own Zoleo’s. I give them to my guides (very little instruction needed). Of course carry a charging block for Phone when going for extended duration. Hope this helps!

From: elkmtngear
Given the increase in charges since Garmin took over InReach...the fee schedule on this unit looks very promising!

Good to hear from you guys that have used it...this may be on my "wish list".

From: Rob in VT
Thanks everyone. The Zoleo looked good, but it’s always best to hear from people with personal experience. I think I will be picking one up for my BC Hunt.

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