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Water Filtration?
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Rob in VT 09-Jan-21
Scrappy 09-Jan-21
Scrappy 09-Jan-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 09-Jan-21
Jethro 09-Jan-21
WV Mountaineer 09-Jan-21
Bowboy 09-Jan-21
kadbow 09-Jan-21
Predeter 10-Jan-21
From: Rob in VT
Anyone have experience with the Sawyer Squeeze, Sawyer Mini, or Life Straw? Looking to pick up a filtration system.

Thanks, Rob

From: Scrappy

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Scrappy's embedded Photo
The only one I haven't tried from your post is the life straw.

I'm currently using and liking due to better flow rate.

From: Scrappy

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I have a life straw! Zero issues!

From: Jethro
I have Sawyer original (shaped like Mini, but bigger). Works good. Buddy has the Squeeze. He's filtered water for me and that worked good too. Flowing creeks, so water was clear. No experience with cloudy, stagnant water/sediment. Only downside, can't let them freeze. When I have to replace I will most likely go with Squeeze. I've read many comments that say flow rate is noticeably better through the Squeeze vs. Mini.

I have the squeeze and the mini. I’ll say this, makes sure you keep them flushed. I hiked into a back country area 5 miles one way to do done fishing, last spring, to only find out the squeeze was plugged up so bad I couldn’t get a drop of water through it. Couldn’t flush it out either. And, I was far enough downstream, that I knew beavers were above me. So, with no water available for several miles, I turned right around and hiked back to the truck and drove home that night.

It wasn’t the filters fault as I didn’t take care of it correctly. But, it does suck to hike 10 miles without water when it’s hot. It sucks to miss out on a several month planned trip for three days too. When one ounce of preparation could have prevented it. So, always check any filter to make sure they work before getting into a position you are stuck with few options if they don’t.

From: Bowboy
I use the Platpus GravityWorks Water Filter System. It works great.

From: kadbow
Sawyer squeeze worked great for me on a two week Alaska trip.

From: Predeter
I've used the Mini or Squeeze inline on my bladder for several years. Pretty much the simplest and quickest method I've found but there are downsides.

Can't let them freeze. I pull mine off and put it in a ziploc which goes in my sleeping bag at night when it's cold.

Flow will suck if you get into dirty water. Be able to back flush it and always have a spare in the truck. I've even taken an extra in my pack on solo trips just in case.

They aren't a good option for tiny water sources. Need something you can get your bladder into. Little puddles are a no go.

Using their squeeze bag system is not fun and can take forever. I switched to inline after trying that on one trip.

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