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All Terrain Bear Hunts- Moose Hunts?
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Quinn @work 13-Jan-21
dakotaduner 14-Jan-21
Quinn @work 14-Jan-21
Quinn @work 17-Jan-21
From: Quinn @work
Anyone here do a moose hunt with All Terrain Bear Hunts in Manitoba and be willing to share your experience? PM's are fine. Yes, I know their name says Bear Hunts but they appear to have a decent fly in moose hunt.

Looking to book a 2022 or 2023 archery moose hunt, budget is around $12,000.

From: dakotaduner
Maybe you already saw it. But the Sportsmen's channel just aired a hunt there last night Believe the show was called Canada in the rough.

From: Quinn @work
Thanks for the heads up dakotaduner. Yes I did see the show but as you saw it was a rifle hunt. Looking for anyone who may have bowhunter moose with them. The outfitter was quick to respond to my questions.

From: Quinn @work
Thanks for the pm's so far!

Looking for any other suggestions for a fly in remote archery moose hunt in Saskatchewan or Manitoba? Been to Alberta twice already but may consider it again if it was the right fit.

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