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Fat Wintertime Doe
Whitetail Deer
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Zbone 14-Jan-21
Candor 14-Jan-21
midwest 14-Jan-21
Ironbow-cell 14-Jan-21
LINK 14-Jan-21
Buckeye 14-Jan-21
Shuteye 14-Jan-21
Shawn 14-Jan-21
From: Zbone

Zbone's embedded Photo
Zbone's embedded Photo
Anybody see fat does this time of year, looks like the ole gal is not late for supper...8^) Trail cam pix taken last night...

From: Candor
Z - that looks like more than just eating gone bad. Wonder if deer can have something go wrong with their pituitary gland. Or someone put her on an IV corn bag drip.

From: midwest

From: Ironbow-cell
I have one behind my house that looks like that. I killed a 155# dressed doe and she dwarfs it.

From: LINK
She’s just big boned.

From: Buckeye
the doe i got this year was an absolute beast. field dressed at 156. i estimated live weight to be 195.. she had at least an inch of fat all the way around her.

From: Shuteye
My cousin killed one Saturday that looked like that. I helped him blood trail. He said he had shot a huge doe. It was big but it was a buck and had no antlers. It never had antlers, the top of it's head was smooth. Never saw one like that before.

From: Shawn
2 month pregnant too? Shawn

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