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kevin3006 14-Jan-21
kevin3006 18-Jan-21
midwest 18-Jan-21
PECO 19-Jan-21
papadeerhtr 22-Jan-21
From: kevin3006
There was a thread on here seems like a few months ago but couldn't find it, on podcasts. Just found a new one that I found very entertaining called Ryan Furrer Podcast. Haven't listened to them all but caught Barry Wensel, Don Higgins and am in the middle of Gene Wensel. Just a FYI.

From: kevin3006
Just listened to a good episode with Jim Willems (JSW).

From: midwest
Thanks, I'll have to check it out!

From: PECO
I got half way through the episode with Barry yesterday. I'll finish today and for sure check out some more. Very good and to the point, not a lot of shucking and jiving.

From: papadeerhtr
Been listening to this, got to say really liking it so far. hope hes able to continue and picks up some sponsers

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