Game Warden shoots antlers to separate
Whitetail Deer
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From: 35-Acre

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Passing this on.

From: paul@thefort

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Interesting Dave. Same thing happened in South AZ when two quail hunters came upon two Coues deer buck tangled. They use the shot gun to blast away the antlers (point blank range) from one to free them both. Pics of antlers. I am sure in both cases the deer came away with a headache.

From: Boone
Just read an article in out Wisconsin outdoor news the local game warden did this but the buck was tangled in a hammock

Improvise, adapt, issues here

From: goyt
My brother shot a small buck with a rifle back when we were kids. The buck dropped in it's tracks. When he got up to it it's eyes were rolling and there was a chip in one antler so he shot it again. The only hole we found when cutting it up was the second shot. We think he knocked it out by hitting it in the antler. I would be with killing the buck with the impact of the shot.

From: Stubbleduck
On the clip about the locked antler bucks.....follow on down the page to the comments section....some of them are flat out hilarious...

From: txhunter58
Silly game warden. Should have just released some wolves !

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