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Newfoundland Moose dates
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Bigeee 14-Jan-21
Bou'bound 15-Jan-21
Buskill 15-Jan-21
iceman 15-Jan-21
g5smoke21 15-Jan-21
nehunter 15-Jan-21
Rob in VT 15-Jan-21
From: Bigeee
Could use some advice never hunting Newfoundland or Moose before. Many people are telling me I have to go in September or the first week of October at the latest as the rut winds down quick after that. Any input would be appreciated. I really would like to go during the time I would have the best chance. Thanks.

From: Bou'bound
Many people are telling you right. Last week sept first week oct are safe.

From: Buskill
I went there last week of September (arrived 9/21) and they were rutting well.

From: iceman
You'll be good end of Sept/first of Oct. Think I killed mine on Oct 2nd.

From: g5smoke21
I just booked the week of Sept 29 - Oct 6 for up there based off posts off of here from years past. That is the 3rd week of the season that particular year and the new moon just happens to hit right in the middle of the week on Oct 2. Should be a good week

From: nehunter
Just think, nobody shot the 2 to 5 Year old dumb Bulls that normally get shot every Year. The local's and Canadians were the only one hunting Newfoundland in 2020.

The lodge I stay at has an average of 90% American hunters every Year. A few Toronto and Montreal groups but the majority are from the States.

I did meet a local family out hunting one day and they only shoot for meat, so anything off the road is what they look for.

I cant wait for my rescheduled hunt in late September (hopefully they open the border by then)

From: Rob in VT
In 2018 I hunted Sept 24-28. Bull were interested in calling, but not committed yet. I think the 1st week of Oct would have been better. This was an hour north east of Deer Lake.

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