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egbateson 16-Jan-21
Oryx35 17-Jan-21
From: egbateson

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egbateson's embedded Photo
At the ABQ airport en route to Missoula. Just wrapped up 8 days of chasing mule deer with my brother here in the southwest. He was the archery, I was the spotter/morale guy. After hunting this same unit the two years prior with no tangible success it was his turn to get winded, spotted, busted, blown out, cactus poked, ankle rolled and sunburned. Yes l, he did get all of those things in spades. I might do a day by day but for now I’ll post a nice 3x4 we called big 3.

From: Oryx35
Let's hear it! I never did catch up to the buck I wanted this year, but I did have a blast trying.

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