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Sea to Summit sleeping bag..which one?
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Jasper 20-Jan-21
trophyhill 21-Jan-21
Jasper 22-Jan-21
From: Jasper
Got an offer I can’t refuse from Sea to Summit for a deal on a bag, pad and pillow in exchange for doing some freelance work for them. Will likely go with the Ether Light pad at Bowboy’s recommendation. Anyone have one of their bags? I’ve looked at the stuff on their website but would like to hear from someone who has used them. This will be for a late September Brooks Range hunt. Thanks! John

That ether light will be cold up there if temps are in the 30’s or lower. I am re thinking my decision of weight savings on that purchase. Back in September with temps dipping into the low 30’s and upper 20’s for a few nights at high elevation, I got cold because of that pad, and my 15 degree bag. I will only use that pad now when hunting the Gila in September if I’m lucky enough to draw.

I recently purchased a Ultra Light Insulated Air Mat from Sea to Summit and headed out to AZ for a deer hunt. Temps were in the 20’s at night and I stayed warm with an R value of only a 3.1. What a difference a small amount makes. The packable weight and size was negligible but I know getting flown in, ounces and space count.

From: Jasper
Thanks David!

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