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Wyoming antelope 2021
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Bowhunter5031 21-Jan-21
HOSS 77 22-Jan-21
Bowhunter5031 22-Jan-21
bobbinhood 22-Jan-21
JohnMC 22-Jan-21
ahunter76 24-Jan-21
Zebrakiller 26-Jan-21
Jasper 26-Jan-21
jax2009r 26-Jan-21
Stick & String 28-Jan-21
Have 4 antelope points in Wyoming & looking to draw an area with 70+ antelope or even larger this fall (2021) Prefer an outfitter but don't want to pay for his retirement in one year (if you know what I mean). Does anyone have any recommendations. THANKS

From: HOSS 77
Triple Three Outfitters in Buffalo or the Werner Ranch are good choices if you can get in.

Thanks for the info.

From: bobbinhood
I'll be going with Prong Paradis! "Doe Hunt" lookin for meat!

From: JohnMC
I’d recommend not paying for outfitter either. Do 3-4 DIY hunts and have money leftover. Antelope are made for DIY.

From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
What johnMC said. DIY is so easy. Been 5 times with friends & my 1st trip I was 68 years old (2010). Took my son out in 2019. 4 of us took 3 Bucks & 1 Doe.. Public land, camped. This was my sons 1st trip & took Antelope on the 3rd day. Other 2 Bucks were similar, 1 larger.

From: Zebrakiller

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Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Pronghorn paradise

From: Jasper
Well done John!

From: jax2009r
I hunted last year with Wyoming finest outfitter. Got a good one.


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Stick & String's Link
Bowhunter5031, I am a hunting consultant and have two excellent WY antelope outfitters near Gillette. One of them has 20,000 acres of bowhunting-only property and the other has about 50,000 acres. Trophy quality usually ranges from 70-75 inches. Call or email me if you would like additional information. I am a Bowsite sponsor. We do still have some openings but August dates are starting to book up. Thank you.

Matt Burrows, Stick & String Outfitters, 720-837-9840, [email protected]

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