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Hilleberg Customer service
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From: DonVathome
I originally contacted Hilleberg in Germany about a zipper on my tent that was not working. It was not a big deal (outside zipper). The tent has been used about 1 week a year for 10 years. They said I could send it in for a free repair or they could send me some zippers. I got the zippers but was not able to get them on.

It was not a big deal so I waited a few years then finally sent it to Hilleberg in Washington state. I had several emails back and forth with them, had to clean my tent, send a tracking number, send info about repair and my tent etc. In other words it was not a quick simple process. They replaced the entire zipper which was more then I thought was needed but maybe that was required to get it working properly. When done I was informed I needed to pay my invoice for $125. I had no idea I was going to get charged for this until the work was complete. I only paid $220 for the tent brand new (I had a 50% off coupon from Huntin Fool).

I assumed it was a free repair - otherwise I would have never sent it in. Until now I forgot that Hilleberg Germany said it was a free repair (2-3 years ago). I decided not to argue and paid the bill.

My tent has now somehow been delivered to the wrong house in a city a 1 hour drive away. I have NO IDEA why, I lived there 12 years ago and definitely did not ever give that address to Hilleberg. I checked and the letter they requested I send with the tent did include my correct address - and I emailed it to my contact at Hilleberg WA.

I am waiting to here back from them but I am not happy. Beyond somehow sending out my tent to the wrong place I was never informed about a charge or given an estimate before the work was done and I was originally told it was a free repair - maybe the lifetime warranty expired:)

From: DonVathome
I was able to find my original email I was partially wrong about my original repair request. I asked the following: "My hillerberg akto main rainfly zipper over the vestibule suffered complete failure on my recent hunt. Both zippers (it has 2) started out with not working right - I zipped it up and returned to find it unzipped - and test showed it simply did not zip right and after zipping completely separated. Shortly after both zippers came completely off pretty easily (lots of snow and ice). I have attempted to fix it with no luck.

Is this covered under warranty? If yes what should I do?"

They responded about zipper care and offered to send some replacement slides - which they did. They did not answer my question about this being covered under warranty (I though they said it was covered I was wrong).

From: DonVathome
Also somehow I had a package accidently delivered here about 3 years ago. THis time it was fedex. I get dozens of fedex packages a year. I do not know who delivered it to the wrong place 3 years ago but I suspect on rare occasion somehow fedex simply uses some old address. I have contacted them to see what is going on - but I did give my correct shipping address to Hilleberg.

Good info to know. For what they charge for their tents. a zipper repair should be free if you ship it. I’ve got Black Diamond and Mountain Hardware tents that cost a fraction of a Hilleberg and they have not been treated well. Zero issues. Have not needed their warranty.

From: DonVathome
Thanks, I like my tent but this experience has not been good. Getting a bill AFTER the repair is not good business IMO

From: Pop-r
Never cared for Hilleberg tents anyway.

From: Tilzbow
It's a 10 year old tent and I'm guessing they can figure that out. How would they know it's only been used for 1 week? Seems reasonable to charge for replacing a zipper on a 10 year old tent and ask you to send it in clean.

I sent a Mountain Hardware tent in that was less than 1 year old and had a similar experience with having to clean it, cost, etc. Warranty didn't cover the damage even though what they assumed happened, didn't happen. Fabric simply failed in one area.

Sent a Cabela's Alaska Guide model tent to a place in Colorado for zipper replacement 15 years ago, same deal. Clean it, pay $150 or so, etc. Not covered by Cabela's although the tent was less than 5 years old.

From: Nick Muche

From: DonVathome
Charging for a repair is one thing, not telling me the cost or that I was getting charged is a different thing. 10 weeks of us from a $450 tent is not a lot. 3 years ago I directly asked them if it was under warranty and they did not answer my question (I thought they had said yes when I sent the tent in). The issues are:

1. Sending my tent to the wrong address! I spent $125 for a repair and di not get the tent back!

2. Never telling me if it was covered by warranty when directly asked.

3. Making the repair then informing me what I owed - at no point beforehand did I ever get any hint I was going to be charged.

They did call me yesterday twice I could not answer and she was in a meeting the rest of the day I will call them Monday.

I am trying to present a fair description of what happened. I thought originally 3 years ago they said it was under warranty they did not - that is completely on me. They still should have answered my question and provided an estimated repair cost. I accept reasonability for my assumption and I give them credit for reaching out to me as soon as they realized delivery was to the wrong place. I will report back here with the result.

I do like the tent quit a bit.

From: jstephens61
Customer service is going the way of indoor dining.

From: Two Feathers

From: DonVathome
Talked to them today, they have been in communication with me we jsut kept missing each other. They are out of stock because of covid so did not have any brand new tents but had one that was used only to take pictures which they offered me and I accepted.

Assuming I get the tent (which I am sure I will) I would say they resolved the issue.


From: 76aggie
With rare exceptions, good customer service is a thing of the past.

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