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Pack question
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Demuth 22-Jan-21
jstephens61 23-Jan-21
From: Demuth
I currently own a Mystery Ranch NICE frame with no pack, and I also have a Mystery Ranch Pintler with the older Guide Lite frame. I am wanting to get rid of the Pintler and replace with something else, but am also thinking that it may be nice to save one of the frames and use a load hauler, it's just hard to find bags that work with the NICE frame, like the Crew Cab. Does anyone have experience with either and suggestions? Thanks in advance.

From: jstephens61
I sold my EXO K3500 and a couple other packs and bought a Eberlestock F1 Tall. And the pack or bags you want for whatever hunt you’re on and be set for anything. I’m running the drybag and Transformer pack right now. Have a set of batwings, scabbard and saddlebag. I can customize for any hunt or situation. Stick with the tall frame so you’ll have load lifters that work.

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