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Upstater 23-Jan-21
Bou'bound 23-Jan-21
Ermine 23-Jan-21
32Timbers 23-Jan-21
WI Shedhead 24-Jan-21
Grey Ghost 24-Jan-21
From: Upstater
Has anybody used this quiver, And what are your thoughts?

From: Bou'bound
It’s a joke

From: Ermine
A lot of people like It, and some Really Successful guys out there using it. I wasnt a fan of it thou

From: 32Timbers
I have one. I shot with it for a little while but not long enough to give it a fair chance. I bought it to lighten the load in the mountains, but used it to replace a 15" front bar with some weights on it and could not get the same pin float I like, but also didnt move any other weights around to try and balance things out the way I like. I ditched the front bar for 2021 so maybe Ill try it again. One thing I like about having a longer front bar or quivalizer is just leaning it up against a tree so its easy to grab when you are doing some calling. I know that I would not like it in a deer stand, but thats just me.

From: WI Shedhead
Like any stabilizing equipment it takes a bit to find a sweet spot but it’s very effective. I too bought one for the weight savings and has been the ticket for me. I put a pad of moleskin on the top of the hood to set it on the ground quietly. In the treestand, if you think about it, a nocked arrow sticks out as far as the quivilzer does. I’ve had no issue in the stand with mine

From: Grey Ghost
It looks like it would be a nightmare to shoot in the wind.


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