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From: DL
A fella I know that used to be a government trapper posted this recently.

This subject came up on another page , and I thought I would share my experience with eating coyote..

I had coyotes coming up missing from my snares...wasn't a huge deal, as it was depredation work, but I needed blood samples, and there was nobody on these ranches except the Mexican cowboys, which I ate with on the norm...I loved their spicy carnita Tacos!!!! I caught one of them one day cutting a coyote out of a snare, and was dismayed to find out why they had been taking them...and why those tacos didn't taste like beef!!....??

From: buckeye
After watching Steve Rinella cook one I still dont know how excited I would be to try a yote taco. I'm all for trying new food but that critter ,,, I dont know. How was it? Would you eat another one knowing what it was?

From: midwest
I thought it tasted a lot like dog. ;-)

From: Inshart
Hey DL, bring some of those Mexicans up to MN ---- I'm thinking Wolf tastes just like Coyote!

From: Bou'bound
No thanks not necessary like eating a carp there’s better options out there the day may come when I’m desperate enough to do it but it hasn’t happened to this point and I’m not expecting it will

From: lewis
To each his own but I’ll pass on that one good to know it would work in a very needed situation good luck Lewis

From: DL
If you didn’t know what you’re eating you probably wouldn’t mind it. If you saw what bears and hogs ate you might pass on eating them too.

From: drycreek
DL, I see what hogs eat and that’s the reason I don’t eat them.

From: Shiloh
If you saw what chickens grown commercially eat you’d quit eating them too!! I’m with Bou. As long as my freezer is full of my favorites I’ll keep throwing those nasty things in the bushes!

From: Rut Nut
LMBO! Is "CARNITAS" Mexican for COYOTE?! ;-)

From: smarba
The episode with Rinella he didn't skin the beast, he tossed it whole on the fire to burn the hair off. I can only imagine the gagging smell of burning hair. No wonder the meat tasted bad. I doubt any beef would fare any better with that method...

From: buckeye
Definitely an odd culinary approach to an animal that smells like a ,,,coyote

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