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The west needs your help
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Ptron 24-Jan-21
From: Ptron
Its doesn't matter if you hunt Colorado or not. This is wrong.

Please read and Send this to everyone you know. Email everyone on the Ag Commission list below. This is the only way to save Colorado’s wildlife for future generations and wildlife for all states in the west.

Colorado Wildlife Needs your help:

James Tutchton was the lead attorney who sued to keep wolves on the endangered species list even though they had achieved recovery levels. He continues to support the efforts of extremist groups that do not follow scientific wildlife management conservation. Colorado's Governor, Jared Polis, appointed James Tutchton as a wildlife commissioner for CPW just before the forced wolf reintroduction was passed. HOWEVER, in order for James Tutchton to become a commissioner he must be affirmed by the Senate Ag Committee which meets in early February to make a decision to affirm him or not.

CPW has always relied on Science from its biologists. They take great lengths of time to establish a scientific approach to wildlife management! Governor Polis last week told the CPW commission to "Fast Track!" the introduction of "more" wolves into Colorado. This goes directly against CPW long standing record. Fast tracking wolves into Colorado show's an absolute disregard for life and yes i mean the wolves, the moose that winter range in town. The deer & elk that winter range in town or with in 5 miles. Cattle and sheep.

Please put together a thoughtful, respectful and articulate email asking the committee NOT to confirm James Tutchton as a CPW commissioner. Talking points:

Doesn’t follow the science: Sued to keep wolves on the endangered species list even when they reached recovery levels set by the federal government. Promotes inaccurate science like trophic cascades which has already been proven false. Unprofessional behavior: Makes disparaging comments about hunters by comparing hunters to wolves who surplus kill. Lack of predator management knowledge: unfamiliar with mountain lion conservations for management practices which have delayed mountain lion/human conflicts in the Aspen area. Unwilling to work with ranchers: seems to not be willing to reimburse ranchers for wildlife losses. Lack of integrity: after setting the rules for wolf recovery in Yellowstone and other regions he went against the agreement and sued to keep them listed.

This article will illustrate what affect wolves will have on ranching.

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