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Best Semi-Guided Elk Hunts Colorado
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BG 25-Jan-21
brettpsu 25-Jan-21
Lost Arra 25-Jan-21
Brun 25-Jan-21
DonVathome 26-Jan-21
Stick & String 26-Jan-21
BG 26-Jan-21
PREZ 27-Jan-21
BG 28-Jan-21
From: BG
Hello all, looking to head out west with couple buddies for an OTC elk hunt in the 2022 rifle season. Was seeing if anyone on here had any good experiences with semi-guided elk hunt. Any information on outfitters would be greatly appreciated.

From: brettpsu
Forest Bows right here on bowsite is a good one.

Pm sent

From: Lost Arra
Could someone define semi-guided? Is that like a drop camp? Or two hunters per one guide?

I would say drop camp

From: Brun
Semi-guided has a pretty broad definition. It certainly includes drop camps, but sometimes it includes a little more service. Some places will take guys to a location each morning and pick them up in the evening. This could involve daily advice, changing spots, help with retrieval and even staying in a lodge or camp with a cook. Basically anything short of a guide being with the hunter during the actual hunt. Obviously the price can very a lot depending on what level of help you receive.

From: DonVathome
Finding a good rifle OTC drop camp is extremely hard. Find a decent unit in NM and apply for the guide draw semiguided and hope to draw. You will have 100x more chance to kill mature bulls. OTC elk hunts are very very difficult. Now try to find an outfitter willing to take his cheapest customer who is probably never going again to a good area instead of his yearly fully guided hunters even tougher.

I wince every time I see a post like this because the quality of hunting varies drastically. You can't find elk that aren't there.


Stick & String's Link
BG, we have several semiguided elk hunts in Colorado, mostly archery but also rifle. We have private land hunts, public land foot hunts, and horseback hunts. What we consider semiguided is that there is someone available to help you during your hunt to tell you where the elk travel, feed, and bed. Some of them will even help you pack out your game. But they do not guide you. Send me your email address and I can send you some detailed brochures with pricing.

Matt Burrows Stick & String Outfitters 720-837-9840

From: BG
PM sent

From: PREZ
Donvathome I am looking into NM as well. Any outfitters in that state you would suggest?

Gila and Apache Outfitters.....Michael DeLeo

From: BG
Thank you mike I will look into them.

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