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South Africa Deals?
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From: WYOelker
Anyone know of places where we can find info on cancelation hunts and discounted hunts thanks to all the political BS going on? I am considering a chance at going to Africa if the price is right. I could easily go this summer and since I am a teacher I would not have much of an issue if forced to Quarantine for 14 days on return.

I have always wanted to hit Africa but that has always been a dream for decades out. But maybe I can swing a hunt this summer if the prices are right...

From: Highlife
Accurate reloading

From: Buffalo1
I suspect a lot of the hunts this year will probably be filled by Covid cancellations from 2020.

From: So467
Check pm’s

Doubt that you'll be able to go there with the new travel restrictions.


From: bowhunt
One thing you may want to look into is current shipping costs of your trophies. I went in 2019, and still have not received my trophies back. Back in early 2020 I got the final shipping quote afte paying all the dip and pack fees. I paid the shipping amount I was was quoted the next day. Literally the following day basically all the international flights in and out of south Africa were cancelled!

The shipping company has been great staying in contact and giving me updates. I believe it was back in October 2020 there were starting to be enough flights back to the United States I could pay DOUBLE the original quote to get my trophies back.

I definitely got caught in a situation out of anyone’s control. At this point I’m hoping the shipping company has the financial means to basically be out of business I would guess most of 2020, and 2021. I have already paid the shipping cost to them. A year ago!

From: wkochevar
Unless something drastically changes, especially with the new strain prevalent there, I doubt anyone from the US will be going to RSA this year. Just pushes my already booked trip back another year. Was supposed to be there this year, last years cancellations pushed us to '22, Here we come 2023....

Shipping of trophies can be done via ship not plane. We’ve had our clients trophies come by sea with zero issues. Also, quite a bit cheaper than air... current travel ban in place for SA, UK, Brazil, and 26 other countries is for non US citizens wishing to enter the US. There is no ban on Americans entering, hunting, or departing from SA. Current Covid protocols in effect.

You might want to research the farms/ranches/outfitters in RSA, decide on your favorites, and then either just keep checking their websites, or even be bold enough to make contact and see if they will negotiate a package or keep you on a list for any cancelations. It is of great importance that you go with a reliable outfitter that has it all together. Too many stories about opportunists out there.

From: StickFlicker
There are probably some deals out there, but as was mentioned, most of hunts scheduled for 2020 were moved to 2021, so you'll probably be looking at booking for 2022.

From: Buffalo1

What is the approx difference in cost of ship vs. plane and difference in time of ship vs plane to get trophies from Africa to US ?


Ken Moody Safaris's Link
Have a look at this general info. I’ll try to find specifics from my last client’s shipment by sea and post as well.

From: Spiral Horn

From: bowhunt
As always Ken was right.

I contacted shipping company, and requested a quote for my friends and my trophies to be transported by sea instead of air.I think we had close to 20 trophies between the two of us. The cost to transport by sea ended up being the same original cost to transport by air before the pandemic, so half of current air shipment pricing. My cost could be higher than a lot of guys. I have to ship to the Port of Portland in Oregon, so a lot further voyage than guys on the east coast.

Thanks Ken!

You are welcome. Happy to help and yes, east coast is much cheaper than Portland, lol.

From: Spiral Horn
OPs assertion is correct. There are a good many African Outfitters in need of business. So long as travel remains open it will be a buyer’s market.

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