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Nebraska Turkey
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Roj 25-Jan-21
JohnMC 25-Jan-21
From: Roj
Hello all. I'm in the midst of planning a turkey hunt to Nebraska this upcoming spring. For the most part, it doesn't bother us if we hunt east or west, Merriam or hybrids. We started looking for a trespass fee hunt & thought I'd reach out here to see if anyone had any recommended landowners we could contact or was a landowner themselves.

If unsuccessful in finding a landowner, we'll likely head NW and hit public. I've hunted turkey's almost 25 years, but in WI & IA...river bluffs and open fields. If we head to the NW corner, the terrain is quite a bit different. So curious of recommended strategies in that neck of the woods. Or if much different from what I'm used. Basically I'll take any advice offered (time of year, area/location, strategy, landowners, or even reaso for outfittets). If you'd rather private message, feel free. Thanks in advance.

From: JohnMC
If you go the public route I would stay away from the NW tons of people go there because they want to hunt the Merriams (and no I don't hunt that area). NE has a decent amount of public and a walk in program that has areas with turkeys. I'd pick a area as far as you can from Omaha/Lincoln and as far as you can from the CO border because you have a lot of folks hunting from both areas. Think middle of the state. The north central part of NE is cool country. If you find a area that has some public and also knocked on some doors I think you could do well and not paying for access.

As far as time either go during the archery only season or wait at least a couple weeks after shotgun opens if hunting public. Busiest time is always first part of shotgun season. During the week instead of weekend is a good idea also. For the most part hunting turkeys is hunting turkeys.

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