Recommend a vertical climber for cardio?
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Bowboy 26-Jan-21
egbateson 26-Jan-21
Bowfreak 26-Jan-21
JohnMC 26-Jan-21
g5smoke21 26-Jan-21
Bowboy 26-Jan-21
Dave B 26-Jan-21
Candor 30-Jan-21
midwest 31-Jan-21
If anyone uses a vertical climber to simulate hiking please advise brand. I have used them at the gym but I am still thinking of getting one this year for the garage. Prices vary and the Versaclimber at the gym is the most expensive version.

From: Bowboy

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I have Pro Form Hiit Trainer. I bought mine on sale at Costco. You have to assemble it but it wasn't that difficult. It the same thing as the Bowflex Max Trainer but way cheaper. It gives you a great work out an simulates climbing.

From: egbateson

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Jacobs Ladder if you want to become Cam Hanes esque fit.

From: Bowfreak
Nothing cranks up my heart rate like a stepper/stair climber. They are butt kickers.

From: JohnMC
The Jacobs ladder is no joke. When preparing for my Sheep hunt nothing at the gym could kick my ass like it.

From: g5smoke21
We are getting a nordic track treadmill. Has a 40% incline to it. I like to split days. Half I'll run and the next day I'll throw on a 45lb plate on my training pack and crank it to 30%+ and hike 2000 verticle ft.

From: Bowboy
I've used the Jacob Ladder at the gym and it's nice but a little pricey IMO. The Pro Form Hiit Trainer at the higher settings will kick your butt. To me it simulates more hiking form than the Jacobs ladder.

From: Dave B
I just got the nordic trac X22, been using it a few weeks now. 40% incline is a butt kicker.

From: Candor
Jacob's ladder is a great humbler the first time you use it. And the 2nd. And the 3rd....

From: midwest
Regardless of the machine you get, you will eventually become bored with it and quit using if it's the only machine you have. I use machines mainly for a warm up before hitting the weights or as part of a circuit.

If I was building a home gym, I would have at least 3 cardio machines....some sort of climber, an assault bike, and a rower. Before I bought any of that stuff, though, I would have a rack of dumbbells and a crossfit size step up box. So many things you can do with dumbbells for both strength and cardio for so much less money.

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