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Best shooting newer Mathews?
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Looking for opinions on the best shooting newer Mathews? I do like a longer ATA bow (30"+) and have generally preferred over 6" brace heights, but I could look at a 6" if it made sense.

Haven't shot Mathews in a while, heading to the shop tonight to see if they have any leftovers they can talk me into buying

From: Dale06
Hard to say as best shooting is an opinion, and best means different things to different people. I shot the V3 31” and Atlas in November. I thought the Atlaswas a much smoother draw and has a long ATA plus 7.75. Others I’ve read like the V3. I bought the Atlas. Your results may differ.

From: PECO
Shoot as many bows as you can, you may end up with a very sweet bow that isn't made by Mathews.

From: 12yards
A lot of guys loved the Traverse.

From: Droptine
VXR is a good shooter

From: JohnMC
Change that 35''+ then calling it a longer ATA bow might be more acurate even then I would not call 35'' a longer ATA bow. If it was me I would not look at anything that short than that. Your on the right track don't be suckered into buying a short bow.

From: yellow eye
I am shopping too planning on going to the shop on the weekend. Been looking at the VXR 31.5. But I shoot lefty so it's hard to find one in stock to shoot. Let us know how it works out please. Seen some info about the strings which worried me.

From: EmptyFreezer
pick the bow that feels right. I shoot a trial, like the shorter bows.. good luck

From: Sivart
You won't be able to take someones word for what shoots best for you. Because I have a good friend that has sold Mathews for years, I've been able to shoot them all since the early 2000s. Most of the ones I've bought and kept have not been the best sellers. I will say the Vertix shoots best for me from the last few years models. Never could get the VXR to shoot for me.

From: Scooby-doo
I really like my Traverse, I shoot it very well but the draw cycle sucks!! It is also heavy but mine has real good mojo so I will keep it for another year! Shawn

Trying to find a VXR 31.5 to test out

From: Dino
Scooby-doo, I found the same thing when I shot the Traverse! It had a heavy buck in the draw cycle...that turned me off and I went Hoyt Carbon.

From: copperman
Traverse seems too draw much smoother than any of the newer Mathews with the switch weight cams

From: Denali
I like my Traverse.

From: carcus
I liked the vxr 31.5 at first but grew to dislike it, strings sucked, terrible grip, it was 70 but drew like 80, fast tho, Im liking my PSE evo nxt 31 so much more

From: bigdog21
conquest 4, TRX 40

From: Castle Oak
Iowa, I moved "up" to the Vertix from a Z7. I love both bows but the Vertix, once I got used to the different draw cycle, out shoots my Z. The Traverse is a great bow as well. Wise friend of mine once told me that if I was looking for a used truck to pay attention to how many of each model was on the used car lot. Buy the one that is hard to find. Most folks that I know who bought the Vertix are keeping them.

From: midwest
carcus, I had intended to swap out strings right away on my VXR but I was close enough to season I just decided to see how they held up before I swapped. Amazingly, they've been rock solid and I've been shooting most every day. Just luck of the draw, I guess.

Just got a new set to put on and will keep the originals for back up.

From: Shaft2Long
Traverse is the best they’ve had since the Chill X.

If you don’t mind the ridiculous price tag, the TRX 34 is real nice.

From: Scooby-doo
Ok, Traverse is best shooting but as far as drawing smooth, sorry it has a rough draw cycle. Again I shoot mine well and have killed 3 P&Y bucks with it in 2 years so i will keep it. I may go to a PSE in another year. Shawn

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