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Feeder batteries and chargers
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DonVathome 26-Jan-21
drycreek 26-Jan-21
Pat Lefemine 26-Jan-21
DonVathome 27-Jan-21
Ambush 27-Jan-21
Swampbuck 27-Jan-21
From: DonVathome
This is getting ridiculous. I now have 5 6 volt rechargeable batteries and 2 chargers. I cannot get anything combo to work and charge. Chargers seem to work completely at random. Now the Moultrie has a green light on ALWAYS, no matter what I hook it up to, even if it is not hooked up to anything but plugged in. Wildgame adrenaline charge doesn't seem to work at all but might charge one battery. Batteries are Rayovac and brightway group.

Test feeder button seems to work when it feels like so even testing is hard.

What is the most likely culprit? I am tired of buying stuff and trying to get something to work. I have spent hours on all combos and even assuming everything is ok and testing in feeder.

From: drycreek
Rayovac batteries have been junk IMO and most of those battery chargers are too. I have three, only one works. I bought a cheap battery tester at Harbor Freight to test for voltage so I at least know if the batteries are charged or not. I have the kind of chargers that have green, yellow, and red lights. Most of the time they are all lit no matter the battery condition, hence the battery tester. Mine are all 12v but I’m sure the same thoughts apply.

From: Pat Lefemine
I have a bunch of those Moultrie battery boxes and it comes with a 12c rechargeable battery and a cheap charger.

I've had one in 10 of those chargers go bad. I've also had a battery go bad and it perpetually showed green on the charger even though the battery was shot. So check both.

But you're right, those chargers are not the best. I imagine you should be able to buy any 12v charger and use that. But don't forget that the battery could be shot too.

Good luck.

From: DonVathome
Thanks! It is pretty bad and like hitting the lottery:)

From: Ambush

Ambush's embedded Photo
Ambush's embedded Photo
I have a completely homemade barrel feeder. I made an auger system powered by a vehicle power window motor. That is powered by a smaller 12V deep cycle battery and has a seven watt solar panel attached. It shows full charge even in the short, very cold January days in northern BC. The timer is a Moultrie universal 6/12V that they sell.

The only problem I have is friggin bears. So the battery also powers an electric wire around the top of the barrel and on the grid over the solar panel.

From: Swampbuck
The culprit is it’s all cheap chinese junk. It’s hit or miss. I’ve had brand new out of the box spinner/timers not work.

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