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Hunting tent color
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boly 27-Jan-21
Glunt@work 27-Jan-21
smarba 28-Jan-21
Brotsky 28-Jan-21
steve 28-Jan-21
Cheesehead Mike 28-Jan-21
boly 28-Jan-21
DanaC 28-Jan-21
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Glunt@work 28-Jan-21
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LKH 28-Jan-21
bigdog21 29-Jan-21
txhunter58 29-Jan-21
From: boly
I received a new KUIU 2 person tent for Christmas in the Olive/gunmetal color. I will be using it for my backpack and fly in hunts (hopefully). I am wondering if I should exchange it for the Orange /gunmetal color instead? What do you think and why? Thanks

From: Glunt@work
Orange pro: Easier to find when stumbling back to camp at night or for search and rescue

Olive pro: Other people can't see your tent as easily

From: smarba
Seems like if you want flexibility keep the Olive. If you camp somewhere you want to be found or seen easily toss up some orange surveyor flagging. A lot easier to make your camp easily found than the other way around trying to make an orange tent blend in. On the flip side orange actually blends in pretty well in Alaska in the fall with tundra and leaf colors changing...

From: Brotsky
I have the orange one. I chose it because it looks cooler. :) On a side note, there's enough reflective material on that tent it lights up like a Christmas tree if you hit it with any light source after dark. The glowing ram head in the ceiling also creeps me out at night, feel like I'm taking part in a satanic sacrifice in my sleeping bag.

From: steve
I have a forest green Golite, my buddy has an orange tent . Set up side by side in the timber his sticks out like a sore thumb. I prefer not to advertise my camp when in the backcountry ! Just my op !

I prefer low key too.

From: boly
Wow, thanks for the opinions and perspectives. I think the orange does look cooler and that is exactly why I'm thinking of changing. I also agree that the olive will blend in better in the backcountry. Decisions?!

From: DanaC
Imagine being stuck in it for a whole two days while the snow/sleet/rain falls. What color is *not* going to drive you stir crazy?

From: trublucolo
What DanaC said...

From: Glunt@work
No way would I care enough to exchange it either way. But that's just me.

From: pav
DanaC knows...

From: LKH
Spent 5 days in heavy rain below a glacier in a small yellow tent alongside my partner. Not enough room to move without making contact with him or the tent side.

Color doesn't matter by that time.

From: bigdog21
If rifle season is in Orange, dark colors collect heat more when the sun hits it easyer to heat, light color will stay cooler for warm weather . get both and set up it will look like a bigger camp and and deter others from hunting around there.

From: txhunter58
I would choose the color that was on sale. :-)

All things being equal, I would choose the Olive

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