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Excalibur Twin Strike
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sundowner 28-Jan-21
GF 29-Jan-21
sundowner 29-Jan-21
kentuckbowhnter 29-Jan-21
GF 30-Jan-21
tkjwonta 30-Jan-21
Glunt@work 30-Jan-21
From: sundowner
Have you seen this? A crossbow that shoots TWO bolts at once! And a price tag over $2200. Can this be designated as archery, as regular crossbows are in my state, and probably many others? And why stop there? How about 3 bolts at once....? Or 4? My opinion is that it's over-the-top ridiculous......and bowhunters will buy them.

From: GF
#1 - I don’t think it shoots two bolts at once, but rather provides a second shot, like an over/under shotgun.

#2 - this product was beaten to death already....before Christmas, I think.

From: sundowner
Thanks. I will look it up.

I am holding out for the quad strike model. I am hoping it will have a selector switch so you can choose from 1 to 4 arrows with each shot.

From: GF
At that rate, Kain-tuck, you’re gonna have to start worrying about recoil!

From: tkjwonta
I'm going to take an even further step and just hire a more competent archer to stand behind me and fling a backup arrow just in case I miss

From: Glunt@work
"...and bowhunters will buy them."

Probably some crossbow hunters as well

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