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Touching up broadheads
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Rsquared 29-Jan-21
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Stealth2 04-Feb-21
From: Rsquared
Ok this might sound like a stupid question, and thats bcs I'm pretty clueless when it comes to sharpening. Say u have some broadheads that have been sitting around for awhile and u just want to touch them up and get them back to there original sharpness out of the pack, will a stroup do the trick? And if so which compound is best to use? Or is a stroup only used after using a wet stone or something like that to get the burr off?

From: JusPassin
It might be enough, or a ceramic stick perhaps first.

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Woods Walker's embedded Photo
If they haven't been shot, and they actually were very sharp out of the package (I've only had that happen once or twice), then a ceramic stick used LIGHTLY at first should do the trick. I have one of these folding Gerber Pocket steels which I carry in the field just for this purpose. Unless you've chipped/worn the edge bevel this tool will get an edge scary sharp with just a few strokes. I've even used the leather holder as a strop.

From: jstephens61
I have a set of diamond stones for my VPA heads.

From: nowheels
If they have just been sitting, a steel or ceramic stick used very lightly as WW said. I also use VPAs and use a butcher’s steel rod on mine to touch them up every few days during the season. 10-15 very light strokes has them deer killing’ sharp!

From: Buck Watcher
Since you said - "I'm pretty clueless when it comes to sharpening". I think all you will do is dull them. That's why I don't touch them.

From: Helgermite
Very light is the key. I had a hard time getting broadheads scary sharp until I reduced the pressure to less than what you put on a keyboard while typing. For stropping I use corrugated carboard dragging the blade backwards away from the cutting edge.

From: Stealth2
I shoot trad heads like Zwickey, Old Pearson Deadheads, Snuffers and Hill. I use the KME system to get them sharp but finish them up on my RADA sharpener. They will shave the hair off you arm without applying any pressure. Best $10 investment I made

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